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Deze website is ontstaan door mijn hobby ,3d printen! In loop der tijd ben ik ook gaan 3D tekenen en kwam er achter dat dit ook erg leuk is zo kreeg ik er een hobby bij 3d tekenen. Zo loop der tijd heb ik veel STL modellen gecreëerd. ik vind het leuk om ze te delen! Zo is voor iedereen wel een STL 3D MODEL!

This website owes his origin to my love for 3D printing. In the course of time, I started to make 3D images. Through this I discovered how much fun it was and since then I have another hobby. So over the last few years I created a lot of STL models and thought let’s share them with the rest of the world so that everybody can enjoy them!

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On this website you can find all my 3D models for free! As you probably may know making these models cost a lot of time, so if you like my work and like to support me a little, a small donation is highly appreciated!

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